the darkclouds


The Darkclouds is a Final Fantasy XIV bard band that hails from Adamantoise Server on the Aether Datacenter. The current octet of siblings was formed to help assist with Wren's main band Holmgang to fill in any missing members or rotate with other Holmgang members.

Along with Holmgang, the band has traveled across worlds in the Aether Datacenter as well as visiting other Datacenters in the North American region.

The genres played is like Holmgang's with heavy metal and classical rock tones. As well as dabbling in with other genres like folk music, classical music, and many others. The Darkclouds are always experimenting with any music types out there.

You can always catch them around in a few venues throughout the week as well as doing impromptu jams in the starter cities in game.

Photos courtesy by Desert Rose Photography from Eorzea's Got Talent